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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Pilot Bore Operator

HDD technology is a minimal impact trenchless method which was introduced for installing infrastructure pipeline in a radius along a prescribed underground path. This method can meet the requirement of minimal surface disturbance on traffic with low restoration cost, and compliance with laws and regulations as compared to conventional trenching. Through this program, trainees will learn the installation of HDD process from survey up to pilot bore operation included pairing, calibration, locating and HDD project documentation.

For technical skills, VR Simulator is introducing to ensure that all the trainee is able to perform Pilot Bore practices in a simulated working environment. After program completion, the trainee will be able to achieve the competency requirement from the trenchless industry in Pilot Bore Operation and HDD Pre-Bore Profiling.


1. 20 CCD points
2. Certificate of Participant by Iconix Skills Academy Sdn. Bhd.

Training Duration

2 days (Lecture, VR Practical, and Assessment)

Target Audience

Contractors, Pilot Bore Operators, Engineers, Project Clients, Fresh Graduates, Government Agencies, or other organization related to utility and construction works.

Training Outline

  1. Introduction of HDD
  2. HDD Guidance System
  3. HDD Locating Procedure
  4. VR Locating Practice

Course Fee

RM 1,300 (CIDB Green Card Holder) - For Local Only
RM 1,500 (non-CIDB Green Card Holder) - For Local Only

**Claimable under HRDF SBL Khas Scheme

Note: Breakfast, Lunch and Hi-Tea will be provided

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