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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the operating times of Iconix Skills Academy Sdn Bhd (ICSA)?

We operate for every Monday until Friday (excluded public holidays) from 8.30am until 5.30pm.

How can course registration be done?

Registration can be done online (Google form), walk-in fill in the manual form, whatsapps or SMS information, or via call.

How do I check the registration status whether it is registered or not?

ICSA will send SMS / Whatsapps / Email regarding status after registration.

How can payment be made?

Payment can be made in cash or online by submitting a payment receipt no later than one week before the day of registration.

* Depending on the situation, if the quota of the class finished, the apprentice will arrange to enter for the next class. When there is enough money and the following class is not full of participants, apprentice can enter the class after the payment had been done.

What to bring during registration day?

Copy of identity card / valid permit and CIDB card (depending on the course registered) & notebook.

Any disciplinary action will be taken against participants who break the rules?

Fines will be imposed on participants following the discipline prescribed by ICSA.

How about in terms of dress code?

Dress code is to dress modestly and neatly.

What if I can't attend a registered class? Is it possible to refund the payment?

Non-refundable, but can transfer to the next class by submitting a show cause letter or substitute to another participant (other staff).

What if my certificate is lost, can the certificate be reprinted?

Yes, you can re-print the certificate for a maximum 3 times only.


1st-time re-print: RM50

2nd-time re-print: RM 100

3rd-time re-print: RM150


  1. You need to make an application to re-print the certificate by sending an email to
  2. Please specify the Name and IC in the email.
  3. We will contact you for confirmation and payment in advance is necessary.
  4. After payment is made, we will process your application within 3 working days.
  5. Once the certificate is ready to be printed, you can come to pick up the certificate or we can send it by POSLAJU with a postage fee of RM10.

What is included in Fiber programme?


CA1C Internal Cabling Fiber Optic. It is a 2 days course and focuses on;
1) General knowledge HSBB/FTTH
2) Cable and Infrastructure
3) Internal Wiring Fiber
4) FTTH Fiber Testing & CPE Setup

CA2C Fiber Optic Network. It is a 3 days course and focuses on;
1) Introduction to Fiber Optic Cable
2) Installation of sub-duct
3) Fiber Optic Cable Pulling for underground and overhead
4) Fiber Optic Cable Jointing
5) Fiber Optic Cable Testing


Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance X PENJANA. It is a 10 day programme. 
For Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance. It is 2 weeks (lecture, practical and exam) and 4 months on-job-training

These two courses focus on;
1) Overview of HSSB Network
2) Types of Fiber Optic Cable and Optical Distribution Network Components
3) Inside Plant Fiber Optic Cable Installation
4) Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cable Installation
5) Fiber Optic Cable Jointing
6) Fiber Optic Cable Testing
7) Fiber Optic Cable Network Maintenance

Who is the certification body?

- Telekom Malaysia (TM)
- National Institute Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
- Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)
- Skills Malaysia

How much does it cost?


CA1C Internal Cabling Fiber Optic (RM600)

CA2C Fiber Optic Cable Network (RM900)


Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance 2 + 4 (RM500)
Fiber Optic Installation and Maintenance x PENJANA (TBA) 

How to obtain the TM CA1C or CA2C competency certificate?

- To obtain the CA1C or  CA2C Fiber Optics Competency Certificate, participants are required to pass our internal theory and practical test and sit for TM CA1C or CA2C examination that include simple theory of Fiber Optic Installation, Splicing and Testing.

How long  is the expiry period of the TM CA1C or CA2C certificate?

- The expiration period of the certificate is for 5 years

Is it possible if the sub-contractor wants to register, to represent a company that does not contribute EPF to participants?

Yes. If the employer pays the salary even if it is just a Part Time employee, the CCD points will still be given to the company that pays the course.

What is CCD point?

Continuos Contractor Development (CCD) to increase contractor knowledge & involvement in construction industry activities. In addition, enhance interaction & networking among contractors and to renew CIDB licenses.

If the applicant does not have a CIDB card, can they participate in the program and what will be gained from the program other than CCD point?

Yes, participants will gain knowledge from the program, learn to use a simulator and get a certificate of participation.

I have taken the green card (CIDB) course, but I have not got the card yet. Can I register my name as in the CIDB cardholder for this course?

Yes, by giving the green card number or submitting a payment receipt while taking the green card course. Point CCD can key-in online after getting the green card.

* It is advisable to get a copy of the CIDB card to bring during the registration day.

How to update CCD points on CIDB website?

The code number for the CIDB CCD points can be found on the certificate. The way to update is to login on the CIDB website and enter the code number listed in the certificate to get the CCD point.

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